An 'Anamorphic' wall painting for AEF in Utrecht, painted by ECHT! Johan Manschot 4 REAL!  
Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF) is established in 1982 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, AEF is a strategy and organizational consultancy firm that specialises in the public and semi-public sectors. They look at cases with an other perspective to come with good and new results. This big anamorphic piece is also about diffirent perspectives: You can see the central letters in the corner only  correct from the front, the banner from the left and the Turkish 'thank you' text on the right side. This elements are popping-out of the artwork, while the rest is distorted in it's perspective. As an extra feature, some of the graphic elements are visible in the dark, with Blacklight! In their modern villa, AEF have collected numurous artworks, sculptures and phostographs. I am proud to be in that collection too!
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