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Composite Agency UV brochure
Annual Report Kosmopolis The Hague
MyBeach Identity
Challenge your Senses!
Aids Action Europe website
102 VRAGEN over jongeren en seks
Earth Beat identity
Rapport - Actieplan: Seks onder je 25e
Economic Empowerment for Sex workers around the World
SoaAids Nederland
Diverse booklet designs for Events and Salesmeetings
Haags Kinderkabinet
R U - M - O R festival
Advertisements Bakker & Spees
Design 'CultureClash' LP & Cassette
Jubileum Laagdrempelige 24u Opvang - Leger des Heils
Booklet Tourism Curaçao
Diverse Events & Decorations
Identity Nieuwe Kerk Utrecht
Best expo BROOKS booth!
Brooks. Paint happy in Olympic Stadion Amsterdam
Brooks. Cheering Signs in Olympic Stadion Amsterdam
Calendar 2014
Tannhauser corporate brochures
50 jaar 'De Brug'
Mixed work
Anamorphic concept
Business cards #Buitensporig
Prevent Hepatitis B for sexworkers
Oxfam Novib: 'All You Can Eat'
Adidas booklet
Haagse India Maand
Painted Walls
Stop-motion for The Sisterhood NK Utrecht
MEER avonden
Sisterhood; Sela Sister, Sela
Married with Children...
World Aids Day in Amsterdam
Educational booklet for prostitutes
T-Punkz spraypainted posters
Book: Behind the Scenes of Hindi Cinema
GlobaLoca!: Connecting Cultures
Contra Banda! Festival
DJAX RECORDS - The Power of the Underground
Paintings PROTEST surfwear
Handpainted Wrangler stand
GlobaLoca Utreg Flyer
Concrete Streets Infographics
Pavement typeface - MyFonts
DIESEL Craft Rebels!
Action Hero - Project
Story On Lines - Action Hero
I wish you a ©reative 2012!
First 'Real' burner of 2012
almost ECHT! 20 Years for REAL!
Story On Lines - Mother India
DIESEL Olyndian Games
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