Painted walls and all that...
A small collection of projects from graffiti to so called 'Street-Art'
Coming from the 'old school' generation, I also started doing graffiti in the middle 80's to date. So, with more than 25 years of xperience in the scene, I still do various additional spainting-projects focussing more on stencils, typography and painting. This is just a small collection put together. For more pictures check my portfolio.

The oldest wall of this selection there now since 2007 and has not yet been defaced by others. This is because of my record in the undergroundscene and the unwritten rules not to do so. If this is unexpected should happen then I can re-paint it again.

De oudste schildering van deze selectie is uit 2007 en is nog niet beklad door anderen. Dit is vanwege de staat van dienst in de undergroundscene, de samenwerkingen met bekende andere graffiti-artiesten en de ongeschreven regel dat men niet over gerespecteerde artiesten heen gaat. Als het onverhoopt toch mocht gebeuren dan schilder/restaureer ik het binnen een paar dagen, zodat er niets meer van te zien is!
Een coating is een mogelijkheid.
Handpainted signs on a industrial shack/barn for Wrangler jeans. Bread & Butter, Berlin
Iconic painting with stencils and spraypaint
In 2012 The Netherlands and Turkey are commemorating the 400th anniversary of diplomatic relations. I was invited (with an other artist) by the Dutch Consulate in Istanbul to participate in an art project to paint the wall of the Dutch Consulate.
For the wall painting we did make a mix of steet-art and graffiti by using stencils and spraypaint.
Graphic gold wall painting of a big bad dragon coming straight out the water for an Eastern restaurant called LEEN. Utrecht. 
Painted in 2009 and still standing strong.
150 m painted comic with logos, typography and art. For the University Utrecht - Drift, Centre of Utrecht.
This wall did stand clean for almost 18 months!
Elephant Parade -  I did paint an elephant in Bollywood-style for the Elephant Parade in Assen. On one side I painted an ActionHero figure and on the other one a Heroine together with typographics.
Bollywood Graffiti workshop on a school with children (6-12 years). 2011
Painted stage decorations for the Mystic grooves dance nights in Rasa and Tivoli, Utrecht, De Melkweg, Amsterdam
Design for a wall with 2 other artists and big logo theme painting 'G8 - Drop hearts not Bombs', Utrecht.
Painted in 2007 and still burning until this date!!
Initiative and concept design for painting a cobstruction fence with some old friends. Theme: 'De Steenhouwer / Rotsoord' for Mitros, Utrecht. Did stand more than 5 months
A workshop project in Sterrenwijk: A wall designed and painted by 10 chldren (6-12 year) and me for Cumulus Welzijn and Portaal, Utrecht. The mayor of Utrecht, Aleid Wolfsen, on a working visit to the painted wall. In the context of disadvantaged neighborhoods and how young people can engage in activities in their neighborhood. Painted in 2010 until date
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