Story(On)Lines - Mother India

A classic Indian movie remixed by ECHT! Johan Manschot | StoryLines designed by Frederik Roije | Studio Apart | 2008

For this I used original photos and clips from the movie poster of the most classic film in India: Mother India! It is a true classic for many Hindu Indians around the world, but also for lovers of culture it is a must see and a must-have. The storyline is about an Indian housewife in the countryside all her dreams shattered sees fall. Before her marriage her mother has a strangle-mortgage. The tragedies are piling up some of its most beneficial to sacrifice her honor and that of the village to save ... the sacrifice of her own son! Mehboob Khan's film was controversial for its time, because its no love story, but a social catastrophe. It is a patriotic film in which one of the dance scenes, the dancers are arranged in the shape of India. This film won the 1957 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language 'and many' Filmfare Awards'.
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