GlobaLoca Utrecht
panoramic flyer for SJU Jazz Utrecht | 2010
GlobaLoca is a global dance night in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
For this flyer I did use some old work from me as a background;
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Every last Thursday of the month there is GlobaLoca!, the monthly night at SJU where live bands and DJs take you on a rollercoaster trip around the world. | GlobaLoca! YouTube Movies

Bands that performed at GlobaLoca! in the past:

Net ili Da, Napalama (Brasil/South Africa), Curra Suárez & Yorgo Valiris (Spain), Sjoege, Amariszi, StriCat (NL) feat. Theodosii Spassov (Bulgaria), Kasha Nasha,
El Falu de Cadiz with José Adame Sanchez & Antje Herber, Zorita, Polkanaria, Kasba, TablaTronic, Yacumba, Kalio Gayo

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