Annual report Kosmopolis The Hague
Art-direction and design
Kosmopolis aims of social cohesion in the city to promote art and culture and prefers to do so as a means. She wants the artistic climate in The Hague and thereby enliven artists, arts practitioners and arts olds involved. She wants to arts and culture visible and accessible to a wider audience. And they committed to the mutual cooperation between cultural institutions to deepen and metropolitanarts policy to encourage policies aimed at the international city in all its capacities, with all its faces.

I was asked to design a report, with an artistic look, without losing theprofessionalism of an annual report. The whole is made ​​up of different print sections. The first section is purely business, with an introduction, facts and figures, compared to the boring. Then there is an extensive section with featured projects. The most remarkable project of Kosmopolis, The "I Love Fashion" show, was featured in a smaller A5 booklet inserted. 
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