BROOKS: Best Expo Booth in Paris
ECHT! Johan Manschot was commisioned by WINK to design all the graphics voor the new 2015 BROOKS booth. There were seven 'marathon Run Happy stations' created in Rome, Paris, London, Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam. We also won the 'BEST EXPO BOOTH' at 'le Salon Du Running' in Paris!
That included all the signs, interactive screen graphics and two big walls at the headoffice in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam (see my other work).
Photos: Wink
Wink - with my graphic designs - winning in Paris! Extra Ordinaire!
Allthough we always say we're not that competitive here at Wink, we are very proud that the RUN HAPPY booth we designed and built for BROOKS, won the 'BEST EXPO BOOTH' at 'le Salon Du Running' in Paris!!
Out of 200 competitors, including some really big players, our unique playful interactive and FUN approach won first prize baby!
Pretty cool, we could get used to that..
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