Diverse designs and handpainted / digital decorations for multiply events in the past years.
For Wink (DIESEL Jeans, ASICS, Unitsuka Tiger, Oxfam Novib), AOB / Algemene Onderwijs Bond, Bijenkorf / Chill out!, Mystic Grooves (Rasa, Tivoli, Melkweg and Lowlands)
Onitsuka Tiger
Graphics for ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger
Graphics and decorations for DIESEL jeans
Oxfam Novib
Graphics and baners for Orfam Novib
Bread & Butter
Spray painted signs for Bread & Butter, Berlin
AOB - Algemene Onderwijs Bond
Spraypainted stand for AOB - Algemene Onderwijs Bond
ChillOut! - Bijenkorf Nederland
Proposals for branding in the ChillOut stores
Poster, store and stage designs for the Indian weeks in the Bijenkorf - ChillOut Netherlands. Also a MysticGrooves Party in the Melkweg.
Ohm sweet Ohm - ChillOut! party ism MysticGrooves - Melkweg
MysticGrooves ism Centraal Museum Utrecht
MysticGrooves decoration i.s.m. exposiie in Centraal Museum Utrecht - Rasa
Indian company party
Monthly MysticGrooves parties in Rasa, Tivoli, Melkweg
I did organise with DJ Safri for 4 yaers the monthly MysticGrooves parties, stage designs and flyers for Rasa, Tivoli, de Melkweg and Lowlands.
NubiNite - Rasa
Decorations 'Nacht van de Vrede' - Tivoli
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